Skilled Defense of Individuals Holding Professional Licenses

There are many occupations that require a professional license from a government board or other organization. Without a license, you cannot legally practice in the field. Many individuals face the suspension or revocation of their professional licenses after an incident led to criminal allegations or charges. Now, not only are they dealing with defending their license, but they also have to address the criminal repercussions of the case as well.

At the law firm of Hark and Hark, we provide aggressive professional licensing defense to clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who are dealing with the potential loss of their licenses. Some types of licensed or certified professionals we represent include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Pharmacists
  • Insurance agents
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers

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Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

After an arrest or at the beginning of any criminal investigation, you should seek advice and guidance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Without counsel, you are taking a large risk with your future.

Get in touch with us as soon as you suspect criminal charges are possible so that we can intervene and begin immediately working to structure your defense. We can also be by your side as you address any problem with your professional license, as the licensing board for your profession will not be long in contacting you once they learn of your criminal situation.

Representation in Administrative Hearings

If you are unrepresented in the administrative hearing before the board in your field, you are putting yourself in excessive jeopardy. Our lawyers are experienced at representing clients in board hearings and can walk you through the process so that you know what you expect. On your own, you may be unprepared and be unable to raise an effective defense.

Fifth Amendment Issues

The Fifth Amendment states that you do not have to incriminate yourself by discussing the charges that you are facing. You have the right to legal counsel and do not have to speak to anyone until you get an attorney. It is almost always better to exercise your right to remain silent rather than say something that law enforcement, or a licensing board, may twist into an incriminating statement.

Contact a professional license defense lawyer at Hark and Hark today to take a step toward protecting your future. We can assist you in handling the criminal side of your case, along with the administrative and licensing matters.

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