Aggressive Defense Against Alleged Sex Crimes on the Internet

Through the internet, anyone can download, upload, file share, and transmit information and images. State and federal laws identifying internet-related sex crimes are evolving and changing as the internet, its users, and the types of crimes change. When you've been charged with an internet sex crime, you need a lawyer who is willing and able to provide an aggressive defense on your behalf.

At Hark and Hark, we understand that a simple accusation of a sex crime can destroy a person's reputation and standing in the community. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who are being investigated, arrested, or charged with a child pornography related sex offense.

Contact the criminal and professional license defense attorneys at Hark and Hark for aggressive representation against internet sex crime charges.

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At the Hark and Hark law firm, our clients are innocent until proven guilty. Our defense lawyers believe that all people accused of internet sex crimes deserve and have the right to aggressive, skilled representation, thorough investigation into the truth of the charges, and a fair trial. Our firm offers dedicated representation to people charged with internet sex offenses such as:

  • Child pornography or "kiddie porn"
  • Video child pornography
  • Child enticement
  • Internet solicitation of a minor through chat rooms

Internet Crimes Involving Children

Internet sex crimes involving tricking an innocent child seem all the more serious and dangerous; Prosecutors strive to give sex offenders the maximum punishment in these cases.

If you have been accused of accessing or downloading child pornography through a file sharing program such as Limewire or Kazaa, or if you were arrested when you went to meet a child you chatted with online, you need to have an experienced attorney who is not intimidated by the police or prosecutors.

As defense lawyers, we have handled numerous cases in federal and state courts where individuals were charged for responding to email solicitations to purchase, upload or download child pornography.

The new Pennsylvania Wire Tap Act will be used to record and trap people seeking to travel to have sex with illegal persons. Understanding this new law and law enforcement's ability to secure evidence with the law will be important in every case. See my Web pages and articles The New Wire Tap Act and Senate Amendments to the Wire Tap Act. Having written extensively on this topic, Richard Hark will now how to defend you in these cases.

Internet Crimes and Police Trickery

Many federal agencies and state police departments are attempting to catch sex offenders through "sting" operations where an officer pretends to be a child or porn supplier to trap offenders. We know how to protect your rights if you were arrested after soliciting sex from an undercover police officer.

Please read Richard Hark's article highlighting problems in sex offense cases with Megan's Law registration requirements.

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