You have rights when your license is under attack

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The Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs is a division of the Pennsylvania Department of State and an important entity in the lives of Philadelphia medical professionals. That is because it is the entity that reviews, approves and revokes professional licenses for doctors, nurses and other professionals. When a medical professional’s license is under review due to allegations of criminal conduct, it is the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs that will handle the hearing in an administrative setting.

Hearings before administrative bodies like the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs are similar to hearings that happen in courts. Administrative hearings have a narrow focus and limited powers, but individuals who are forced to appear in them as their livelihoods are threatened do have rights.

For example, at an administrative hearing a person can listen to testimony against them and may also cross-examine individuals who speak up against them. They can offer their own evidence that disproves the arguments for suspending or revoking their license and can ask for time to respond to any issues that come during their hearings.

Knowing what to expect during a license review hearing and how to be prepared to manage the varying courses that a hearing can take is tough work for someone who has dedicated their lives to improving the health of others. Doctors and other medical professionals who fear the loss of their licenses can seek the counsel and support of attorneys who defend and advocate for those who must face administrative hearings. An attorney can make helpful suggestions to their client about how best to address the threatening intentions of those who wish to deprive them of their livelihoods.