Crimes of moral turpitude threaten professional licenses

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

Pennsylvania-based medical professionals can face a variety of penalties for their alleged involvement in criminal conduct. As readers of this Philadelphia professional license defense firm’s blog know, doctors, nurses, and others who need licenses to work in the medical field can have their professional credentials revoked if they are found to be involved in different criminal ventures. A recent article that identified some Pennsylvania medical professionals who have suffered suspensions and other consequences to their professional licenses notes that some had pleaded guilty to crimes of moral turpitude.

Moral turpitude is a general criminal concept. It can mean engaging in activity that is outside of the standards expected for a particular community. In the context of a licensed profession, engaging in criminal activity may be considered an activity that is far outside of the accepted standard.

Moral turpitude can also mean engaging in dishonest or immoral conduct. As licensed professionals often take oaths and commit to professional standards when they enter their fields, non-criminal conduct may constitute moral turpitude if it threatens the credibility of an individual. Individuals who are facing hearings regarding their licenses may discover that allegations of moral turpitude are responsible for landing them in hot water with their licensing and professional boards.

Any threat to a professional’s license can damage their reputation and the career that they worked hard to build. When allegations of criminal conduct, immoral behavior, or dishonesty surface, professionals can seek legal advice. Crimes and charges related to moral turpitude can derail promising medical careers and can cause irreparable harm to the lives of individuals who may have defense options to fight the charges they are facing.