How to fight against false allegations made to the nursing board

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Someone can make false allegations against you to the nursing board. If this happens, and you are released from your position or even lose your license, you may wonder what options you have. 

The first step in the process is to report the false allegations on the employment level. Failure to do this might make the other options inconsequential since the nursing board will wonder why you never disputed the allegations on this level if they were untrue. 

Other potential remedies against false allegations against your nursing position or license are listed here. 

File defamation of character civil case

If someone makes false claims against you, you can file a civil suit for defamation. If it is possible to prove the accusations are untrue, then they would be considered an invasion of your “good name and reputation.” You may receive exemplary, punitive, special, and compensatory damages if successful. 

Look to the Nurse Practice Act and rules

Look to see if there is a provision in the act that governs the reports made to the nursing board. The statement would be something to the effect that if someone reports something to the board, they do so in good faith and that it is presumed. 

If the report is made based on these rules, the individual reporting is free from potential criminal or civil liability due to the report. In this case, if the report involves false allegations, it’s necessary to overcome the presumption of good faith. Going through the grievance process on the employment level is a good way to prove the report was not made in good faith. 

Protecting your professional license

If someone makes false allegations that put your nursing license or job at risk, you have options to pursue justice. Knowing your legal rights is beneficial in these cases.