Pennsylvania’s Updated Use of Prior Criminal Records In Licensing Decisions

On June 24 2020, the General Assembly enacted Senate Bill 637 which reforms occupational licensing by getting rid of outdated criminal record restrictions for the professions and occupations which are regulated by boards and commissions within the Bureau of...

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DUI ARD, Prior Offense, Sentencing Enhancement, Repeat Offender

Recidivist sentencing enhancement statutes continue to be declared unconstitutional based upon relatively recent US Supreme Court cases. In 2000 the U.S. Supreme Court decided State v. Apprendi. There the Court states a criminal sentence must be based upon facts the...

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PA Wage and Collection Law, Covid 19 and Nurses Working Excessive Hours

A long-term client called me today, and related the following story: Before Covid, she worked an average of three, 8 hour shifts for 24 hours. After Covid, she worked five or six, 12 hour shifts, routinely working 55 or 60 hours a week. However, her nursing home employer was still only paying her 24 hours a week.

This is illegal. Pennsylvania’s Wage Payment and Collection Law gives powers and duties to every employee for the civil collection of wages. Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law provides for civil and criminal penalties including 10% and 25% escalating penalties for employers who fail to properly pay wages absent any good faith dispute.

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