Drug Crimes

Ruan and How the Courts and Prosecutors are Managing it

Translating this case into my client’s legal defense is easy.  Having handled many physician prescribing prosecutions, long-term physician patient relationships are easily documents through chart reviews.  Medically appropriate prescriptions can only be proven through clear charts, well documented and proper physical examinations, objective medical tests and diagnostic imaging.  Call me to discuss your case, your patient load, your prescribing history, any state or federal DEA investigatory subpoenas.  Lets talk about debarment, public or private health insurance audits and claw backs for care properly rendered and medically necessary.

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PA Constitution Requires a Warrant Before Police Search Your Car. Commonwealth v. Alexander December 22, 2020 (Merry Christmas)

In Pennsylvania, obtaining a warrant prior to searching a care is now the default rule. If an officer proceeds to conduct a warrantless search, a reviewing court will be required to determine whether exigent circumstances existed to justify the officer’s judgment that obtaining a warrant was not reasonably practicable.

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Pennsylvania’s Updated Use of Prior Criminal Records In Licensing Decisions

On June 24 2020, the General Assembly enacted Senate Bill 637 which reforms occupational licensing by getting rid of outdated criminal record restrictions for the professions and occupations which are regulated by boards and commissions within the Bureau of...

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DUI ARD, Prior Offense, Sentencing Enhancement, Repeat Offender

Recidivist sentencing enhancement statutes continue to be declared unconstitutional based upon relatively recent US Supreme Court cases. In 2000 the U.S. Supreme Court decided State v. Apprendi. There the Court states a criminal sentence must be based upon facts the...

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Is it Time to Terminate your PHMP Contract ? — End The Torture

I represent health care professionals in Pennsylvania’s health care monitoring program called teh PHMP, PNAP, SARPH, PHP. Some are int he program voluntarily. Some are forced.  Some of my clients’ contracts have been extended from 3 to 5 to 7 years in either PNAP, SARPH, or the PHP for a minor, singular violations of their Consent Agreement or Board Order.  Some of these extensions are forced or voluntarily entered. Call me.

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