Month: October 2012

PennDOT Refusal Credibility Issues

In a recent case Janna Perry appealed a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation ("PennDOT") suspension of her driving privilege for a period of one year. Perry v. Commonwealth, 2012 Phila. Ct. Com. Pl. LEXIS 296, 1-7 (Pa. C.P. 2012). The suspension...

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Health Care Fraud Cases

Being investigated by any governmental health insurance program carries with it both significant responsibilities and repercussions if the representation is handled incorrectly, wrong advice given, or false statements made to those investigators. Emergent counsel...

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Nursing License Enforcement Mechanism

The strong enforcement mechanism of the Pennsylvania Nursing Board is found at 63 P.S. § 224. Under this provision, the Board may refuse, suspend or revoke any license in any case where the Board shall find that-- (1) The licensee is on repeated occasions...

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