Month: April 2019

Pennsylvania Licensed Attorney Discipline in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

My licensure defense practice includes representing attorneys facing disciplinary process in Pennsylvania. Attorneys licensed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court - whether practicing in Pennsylvania or not - are subject to discipline the same as other Pennsylvania...

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Drug Possession, Disorderly Conduct, Crimes of Moral Turpitude… Commonwealth Court Speaks Up

  Today the Commonwealth Court issues another remarkable decision involving a Pennsylvania medical professional. Dunagan v. BPOA, 2019 WL 155879, is the third case in a row in which a Commonwealth Court panel has found a Pennsylvania medical related board engaged...

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Licensure Applications — Disclosing a Record — Part 2 — Evidence of Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Redemption

In my last blog I wrote about real estate applicant who failed to disclose on his Real Estate Commission application a criminal conviction. Upon discovery the Commission revoked his license and the Commonwealth Court approved of the action. Today's blog involves the...

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Licensure Applications — Disclosing a Record — Part 1 — The Cover Up is Worse than the Crime

Professional license applications require potential licensees disclose prior criminal convictions or open criminal cases. Current licensees seeking an additional license must also answer these questions. This self reporting obligations establishes a base level of...

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