How Do Criminal Charges Affect Your License?

All health care and medical professionals can face a number of situations in which their licenses are at risk. The most common threats to your license are criminal charges, though nurses should also be wary of practicing outside the scope of their license. It may seem to be common sense that a criminal act would affect your license but there are a few facts you may not know.

The crime does not need to relate to your practice. For example, being charged with a DUI outside of work time could cause your license to be suspended.

In addition to criminal convictions, an accusation could also affect your license. Suspicion of a crime may be enough to suspend your license. You need a skilled lawyer on your side at the first sign of legal trouble. Your livelihood may depend on the strength of your defense.

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The Importance Of Attorneys With Licensing Knowledge

You have a chance to fight criminal charges and defend your license when issues arise. To do this, however, you need an attorney who understands not only criminal defense but also the details behind medical licensing.

Our team at Hark and Hark specializes in Pennsylvania license defense. We know how the law may affect your license and how to defend it against the consequences you face during legal situations. We have represented doctors, nurses, pharmacists and more.

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