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Philadelphia School Fraud Lawyer

School fraud occurs when a for-profit school or place of education promises more of an education than it can provide. Often educators and administrators point to inflated or entirely false test scores, reports, statistics or fake certifications. These types of institutions are for-profit schools, including private schools, charter schools, vocational schools and colleges, online schools and universities.

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Pennsylvania CHARTER SCHOOL Education Fraud

Often the fraud centers on lies that the school or administrators tell prospective students or convey in marketing efforts. This can include:

  • Misrepresentation certifications and license requirements
  • Purposefully hiding the difficulty or impossibility in transferring credits achieved in their program
  • Inflated or falsified test scores, reports and statistics on current students to induce enrollment
  • Fake testimonials or accounts of job placements
  • Promises that graduates will automatically be certified in the chosen field
  • Misrepresentation of accreditation
  • Issues surrounding online education and remote learning

Allegations that a school misled parents or fraudulently marketed its services are highly subjective. At Hark and Hark, we are equipped to confront these charges and show that our clients did not mislead parents or students. Our sophisticated level of defense leads schools through the process of fighting these charges and moving forward with the best possible resolution.

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