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Who Is Eligible?

A person convicted of an offense who does not demonstrate a present or past pattern of violent behavior and who would otherwise be sentenced to partial confinement under 42 Pa.C.S. § 9724 (relating to partial confinement) or total confinement under 42 Pa.C.S. § 9725 (relating to total confinement) in a county or state correctional facility. The Expanded Intermediate Punishment Program focuses on non-DUI charged, nonviolent, Level 3 and 4 offenders.

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Who Is Not Eligible?

Any individual with a past pattern of violent behavior or probation and parole violations are excluded. An individual is also deemed ineligible, if the current offense involves serious injury to another person and/or if a minor was present in the vehicle at the time of the current offense.

If an offender commits the current offense while on supervised parole or under an Intermediate Punishment disposition, the offender shall be ineligible for Intermediate Punishment except in cases where the parole violator has a significant history of substance abuse, is in need of treatment offered by the county prison’s Prison Recovery Program (PRP) and otherwise qualifies for the Intermediate Punishment program.

Additionally, any individual with current or past convictions for the following offenses:


18 Pa. CSA Sec. 901 Criminal Attempt(ineligible offense)

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 902 Criminal Solicitation(ineligible offense)

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 903 Criminal Conspiracy(ineligible offense)

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 907 Possessing Instruments of Crime

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 908 Prohibited Offensive Weapons

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 911 Corrupt Organization

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2502 Murder

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2503 Voluntary Manslaughter

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2504 Involuntary Manslaughter

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2702 Aggravated Assault

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2703 Assault by Prisoner

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2704 Assault by Life Prisoner

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2709 Stalking

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2901 Kidnapping

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2910 Luring a Child into a Motor Vehicle

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3121 Rape

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3122 Statutory Rape

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3123 Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3124 Voluntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse

18 Pa. CSA Sec 3124.1 Sexual Assault

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3125 Aggravated Indecent Assault

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3126 Indecent Assault

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3301 Arson and Related Offenses

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3302 Causing or Risking a Catastrophe

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3502 Burglary (felony 1 only)

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3701 Robbery

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3702 Robbery of a Motor Vehicle

Chapter 39 of Crimes Code – Theft and Related Offenses (except < $25,000)

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 3923 Theft by Extortion

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 4302 Incest

Chapter 49 of Crimes Code – Falsification and Intimidation

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 5121 Escape

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 5122 Weapons or Implements for Escae

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 5123 Contraband

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 5501 Riot

Chapter 61 of Crimes Code – Firearms and other Dangerous Articles

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 6301 Corruption of Minors

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 6312 Sexual Abuse of Children

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 6314 Drug Trafficking to Minors

18 Pa. CSA Sec. 7508 Drug Trafficking

Any offense committed while in possession of a “Deadly Weapon” as defined in 18 Pa. CSA Sec. 2301.

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