NREMT Certification Process

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (National Registry) is the National EMS Certification entity. Many states’ licensing schemes include a provision requiring national certification to secure a state based EMT or EMS license. As such, the NREMT has become a de-facto licensing entity across the country. It reviews applicants historical criminal records and licensing disciplinary actions when determining whether to certify and register Emergency Medical Services (“EMS”) Professionals throughout their careers by a valid and uniform process which assesses the knowledge and skills for competent practice and by maintaining a database of registrants.

In its role as the Nation’s EMS certification, the National Registry:

  • Establishes eligibility requirements for applicants for certification
  • Develops examination requirements (cognitive and psychomotor)
  • Establishes re-certification requirements
  • Reviews applicants’ self-disclosed criminal convictions and actions taken against their healthcare related professional licenses
  • Monitors certification status of registrants and takes appropriate action against the certification when apprised of adverse licensure actions and criminal convictions
  • Provides to licensing or authorizing agencies obtained adverse licensure action and criminal conviction information regarding registered EMS professionals

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ (National Registry) Code of Conduct specifies that, as a condition for certification and recertification by the National Registry, you will:

  • Comply with all policies and rules of the National Registry, including, but not limited to, the National Registry’s website Terms of Use Policy.
  • Provide full, truthful and updated information to the National Registry on any application for certification or recertification or in any other representation or communication to the National Registry.
  • Provide accurate documentation of the training requirements for certification
  • Accurately represent to the public your certification status with the National Registry.
  • adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics as an National Registry certified professional.
  • At all times be eligible for or hold a full and unrestricted license to practice as an EMS professional under the laws of the licensing or authorizing agency of the jurisdiction(s) in which you practice.
  • Protect the security and integrity of the National Registry certification and examination process and you will not copy, reproduce, disclose, disseminate or remove any examination related materials from the test site or attempt to do so.

It s in this role that Hark and Hark represents individuals improperly denied a new certification or recertification due to a criminal conviction or state based licensing disciplinary action. Many Hark and Hark clients are applying for a new state based EMT or National EMT certification as a prerequisite for the hospital-based nursing, CRNP, or Physicians Assistant position. Every flight based medical professional requires national certification due to multi-state based medical care being provided to in flight patients.

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