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Criminal charges can impact D.O. licensing

Individuals who complete the rigors of medical school and who emerge from their post-graduate research and residencies are often asked to pass a battery of tests to demonstrate their knowledge and experience in the particular fields of medicine that they have chosen to pursue. If they are successful they may obtain licenses to practice medicine, which are necessary to find employment in hospitals, clinics and other medical centers throughout the state of Pennsylvania.


What is a drug recognition expert. A drug recognition expert typically is a police officer with one week of additional training in the physical manifestations certain drugs have on the human body. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) coordinates the International Drug Evaluation and Classification (DEC) Program with support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition to officers, who are certified as DREs, the DEC Program educates prosecutors and toxicologists on the DRE process and the drug categories.

Dangers of forgery for Pennsylvania medical professionals

Forging patient signatures, creating false records for nonexistent patients, forging prescriptions and false billing all have one thing in common: A medical professional might lose their license. These actions sometimes happen without intention from all parties involved. Forging patient and/or staff signatures on consent forms, insurance forms or checks may seem like a convenient and efficient option, but individuals of all professions should be reminded of the dangers.

Actress indicted on felony drug charges

Actress, Rose McGowan, is a popular figure for fans of the show "Charmed" and an advocate for women's rights in the prominent #MeToo movement. However, readers of this Philadelphia legal blog may have recently seen her name in the news due to serious criminal allegations that have been lodged against her: cocaine possession.

Do you know the scope of your nursing practice?

Every state has its own Board of Nursing (BON) that establishes laws regarding nursing practices and education. Even if you are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, your nursing duties are limited to a particular scope of practice. Acting outside of this scope of practice can result in serious penalties.

Opioids lead to Pennsylvania doctor’s license suspension

As the opioid epidemic continues to garner national attention, authorities are taking heightened actions against doctors they deem to be at fault. Medical professionals who operate “pill mills”—practices that dispense or prescribe narcotics inappropriately—can face steep repercussions. The revocation of one’s license, heavy fines and jail time are all on the table for those that investigators find to be working illegally.

Is a pharmacist professional license at risk if I receive a DUI?

When a person makes the mistake of driving after they have been drinking, they sometimes get caught. Philadelphia law enforcement aggressively prosecute those who have received a DUI. But, for some who hold professional licenses, like pharmacists and other medical professionals, their career may be on the line.

Medical Marijuanand New Reporting Requirements for Medical Practitioners

Medical marijuana has the potential to create huge licensing issues for physicians and all other health care practitioners.  On May 17, 2018 what was a temporary regulation became a final annual regulation that targets medical doctors for discipline. Identified at 28 PA. Code § 1181.25, any physician identified in the Medical Marijuana Practitioner Registry will now be subject Department of Health annual reviews. Mandatory Arrest Reporting Responsibility The review will seek to determine if the physician's license is inactive, expired, suspended, revoked, limited or otherwise restricted by the applicable medical board, or if the physician has been subject to professional disciplinary action.  This insures that every medical marijuanna "Medical Practitioner" must report to the Medical Board and the Department of Health both upon arrest and annually, any arrests and/or pending disciplinary action.

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