Is a pharmacist professional license at risk if I receive a DUI?

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When a person makes the mistake of driving after they have been drinking, they sometimes get caught. Philadelphia law enforcement aggressively prosecute those who have received a DUI. But, for some who hold professional licenses, like pharmacists and other medical professionals, their career may be on the line.

Those who hold a professional license have spent years and thousands of dollars on their education. It is important for these professionals to hold on to their license. If a person is facing a felony DUI, they can have their license revoked. Even if they aren’t facing a felony, they can still have their license revoked or suspended.

Pennsylvania pharmacists may lose their license if they are found to be unfit to practice pharmacy because of alcohol use. There are options for pharmacists facing substance abuse problems through a health monitoring program and a peer assistance program. If a pharmacist enters this program, they may be able to retain their license as long as they adhere to conditions of the treatment program. This program has had great success for many pharmacists who have been able to keep their license.

A legal professional who specializes in criminal defense for those who hold medical licenses can help their client when they are facing these serious charges. An attorney understands how important it is for their client to retain their license and will aggressively defend them against the charges. A DUI can lead to not only a tarnished personal and professional reputation, but also the loss of a person’s livelihood that they have worked so hard to obtain.