Month: April 2015

Pharmacists’ Corresponding Responsibility

What is a pharmacist's "corresponding responsibility"? Corresponding responsibility requires pharmacists to refuse dispensing prescriptions to people they know or have reason to know that the presented prescription 1) is a fake or illegal, 2) is written not based upon...

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Good Moral Character? Moral Turpitude?

What is moral turpitude? What is good moral character? These questions arise in cases contesting a disciplinary action based upon a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony and in applications for reinstatement of a professional license after revocation. How does one...

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What Happens After Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions of differing types affect your Pennsylvania professional license differently. If a licensee is found guilty, pleads guilty, or enrolls in the Pennsylvania's ARD - pretrial diversion program, these criminal trial dispositions must be reported to...

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