Actress indicted on felony drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Drug Crimes, Firm News |

Actress, Rose McGowan, is a popular figure for fans of the show “Charmed” and an advocate for women’s rights in the prominent #MeToo movement. However, readers of this Philadelphia legal blog may have recently seen her name in the news due to serious criminal allegations that have been lodged against her: cocaine possession.

McGowan was flying on United Airlines to Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia when she left behind a piece of luggage. That piece of luggage was taken off of McGowan’s flight and alleged searched. That search turned up what authorities claim was “trace” amounts of cocaine.

As a result, McGowan faces the felony charge of drug possession. McGowan was recently indicted on her charges and for readers who are not familiar with the indictment process, a prosecutor uses an indictment to ensure that they have sufficient evidence and proof to secure probable cause for a person’s arrest.

McGowan could face serious legal consequences if she is found guilty of her cocaine possession charge. Her prison sentence could last for up to 10 years, and the record that she would carry with her could be a detriment to her record.

She and her attorney have claimed that they will zealously fight the allegations brought against her, and that there is more to the story of her charges than may appear. As with all criminal defendants, McGowan will have an opportunity to plead her case and defenses, if and when her matter comes to trial. With the assistance of criminal defense attorneys, some individuals are able to overcome their legal dilemmas and move their lives forward without experiencing criminal convictions.