Protecting professional licenses from DUI convictions

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Dui, Firm News |

A DUI can be a costly problem for any Philadelphia resident. A person facing such a charge may be forced to endure a long process of collecting evidence, preparing a defense, and fighting for their rights in court in order to overcome charges that threaten their driving privileges and even their freedom. A DUI conviction can change the way that a person approaches their everyday tasks, as it may be required of them to give up their ability to drive.

Medical professionals who are charged with DUI crimes can face even greater losses, though. While the loss of one’s driving rights is significant, individuals who are licensed by the state of Pennsylvania in order to work in their chosen fields may be subject to professional sanctions and suspensions if they are convicted of drunk driving crimes. Offenses like DUIs and other criminal allegations can be reported to state licensing agencies and used as the basis for terminating medical professionals’ rights to practice and perform their duties.

A person can work their whole life to enter the medical field as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other licensed professional. As such, the fact that a DUI charge could threaten it all may be hard for a person to accept. The law firm of Hark & Hark understands that medical professionals can face big consequences if they are accused of drunk driving in the state of Pennsylvania, which is why its legal professionals diligently work to build competent defense strategies in an attempt to protect those professionals’ best interests.

DUI and criminal defense services are available to men and women who fear the loss of their professional licenses because of pending drunk driving allegations. The attorneys of Hark & Hark are available now to offer guidance to those who are unsure of where to start to defend their legal rights and protect their professional options.