Helping you protect your medical license from drug allegations

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A person can spend years and even decades of their lifetime working toward a specific career goal: practicing medicine. After they complete their educational training they may have to sign on for a lengthy residency where their knowledge and skills are put to the test to determine if they are ready to work unsupervised with patients. Even after completing a residency a doctor may still be asked to complete further training if they wish to specialize in a particular area of their chosen field.

Throughout the entire process of becoming a doctor an individual must submit to tests that examine their understanding of medicine and the proper methods of treating patients who suffer from particular harms. The time, effort and money that Pennsylvania doctors put into their craft may eventually be rewarded with the medical license they need in order to help patients within the state.

All of a doctor’s hard work can come crashing down, though, if they are alleged to have engaged in illegal conduct or dangerous behaviors. For example, serious drug crime allegations may threaten a doctor’s license and therefore their ability to render medical care to those in need. Everything they have worked for may disappear if they lose their license due to their engagement in allegedly illegal drug crime conduct.

The law firm of Hark & Hark believes that doctors and medical professionals deserve strong representation when allegations of criminal conduct put their livelihoods in jeopardy. The firm exclusively works with medical professionals who are facing challenges to their licenses and who have questions about how the Pennsylvania licensure process workers.