Will I have to do a background check to practice nursing?

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Nurses are trusted with more than just patient care in Pennsylvania hospitals and clinics. They have access to their patients’ records, prescriptions, personal effects and other sensitive information. Because they have such open access to the critical and sometimes delicate data on those who are under their care they must be able to demonstrate their trustworthiness when they seek to obtain employment in the state.

For this reason individuals who wish to practice nursing in Pennsylvania must submit to criminal background checks. The Board of Nursing requires that recent background checks be provided by applicants for licenses from the different states where the applicant lived. Without completing the criminal background check process an individual may be denied the license they need to perform the work they are trained to do.

If a person has a criminal record they may be wary about providing information to the licensing board about their past. It is a difficult situation for a person to approach when they both need to get their nursing license but are concerned that it may be denied because of a DUI, arrest or other matter from their prior history.

When criminal matters intersect with professional licensing it can be important for individuals to seek the counsel of attorneys who understand the intricacies of this specific field of law. Medical, nursing and other professional licenses require certain procedures to be followed in order to be obtained. The advice and counsel of a committed criminal defense and licensing attorney can provide a person with both confidence and information to make good choices about how to address potential problems from their past on their applications for future licensing and employment.