Criminal History Record Information Act and medical licensing

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A Pennsylvania resident may dedicate their life to pursuing a career in the medical field. Whether it is becoming a doctor or nurse or other medical professional that is their goal, they may commit themselves to not letting anything stop them from reaching their dream. However, in Pennsylvania, there is a law that may throw a serious wrench into their plan if they have a prior criminal record.

The Criminal History Record Information Act is a piece of Pennsylvania legislation that, generally, allows employers and other organizational bodies to look into the criminal records of those individuals who apply for work or seek affiliation with them. With regard to medical professionals, state licensing boards can investigate the criminal pasts of those individuals who seek to receive licensure to practice in the Commonwealth.

There are limits, though, on what a licensing board may do with regard to the information they find through their investigation. For example, a record of an arrest without a conviction is not grounds for denying a person a license, nor is evidence of an expunged conviction. However, a person who has been convicted of a felony may be denied a sought after license by the appropriate board.

Anyone who has worked hard enough to reach the point of needing a medical license to work in Pennsylvania should be prepared to face licensing challenges if they have criminal convictions on their records. They can, with the help of criminal defense attorneys, though, fight for their rights and their intended careers. In many cases individuals may be able to overcome challenges to their fitness to be licensed and may achieve the careers of their dreams.