Federal charges and the loss of a medical license

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Federal Crimes, Firm News |

The scope of crimes covered in the federal laws of the nation is wide and inclusive. Federal charges can be based off of alleged drug use or possession, violent crimes involving assaults and murder and white collar crimes involving fraud and tax evasion. The crimes associated with these and many other federal laws have been deemed damaging to the public at large and therefore punishable by the courts of the nation.

Pennsylvanians can find themselves on the wrong side of these federal laws when law enforcement officials and federal prosecutors make cases against them and for their punishment due to their involvement in allegedly criminal undertakings. Aside from the many sanctions that a person can face when they are convicted of a federal crime, individuals who are licensed to work in the medical field can watch their hard-earned credential disappear in the blink of an eye.

Federal criminal charges can damage the reputation and career of a doctor, nurse or other medical specialist. They can force a person to step away from their path in life if the person is required to give up their license to legally do their job. The loss of one’s medical license can mark the end of their journey toward building the career of their dreams.

The law firm of Hark and Hark recognizes the difficult position that medical professionals are placed in when they are charged with federal crimes. While it may seem that there are no good options for individuals who fear the loss of their careers over allegedly criminal allegations, the attorneys of the firm are committed to showing their clients their options for protecting their livelihoods and their legal interests.