Why do alleged crimes threaten medical professionals’ licenses?

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A Philadelphia resident can work their whole life to become the medical professional they dreamt of becoming when they were a child. After years of study, testing, paying for classes and books and struggling, they may finally receive the education that they need to get a medical license and begin practicing to care for others. It therefore seems hard to understand how an alleged DUI or drug crime may have the power to derail the individual’s entire future and everything they worked hard to get.

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs is the entity responsible for investigating and deciding when a licensee’s actions warrant disciplinary action. Under the laws of the state, this organization may investigate claims that licensees have acted unethically, immorally, below standards that have been accepted by their professions or acted out of the scopes of their professions.

Being accused of committing a crime may trigger an investigation by the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs and may lead to the loss of an individual’s license. While this entity serves an important role in safeguarding how licensees engage with their patients and patrons, its reach into the lives of men and women whose livelihoods are one the line can be devastating.

When a person learns that they have been accused of a crime, or that they have a complaint pending against them with the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, they should seek help immediately. Attorneys who understand the importance of preserving their clients’ professional licenses can help them defend themselves against criminal charges and protect the careers they have worked hard to build.