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Everyone makes mistakes. It is impossible for a Philadelphia resident to get through their life without ever suffering a consequence for their involvement in allegedly bad conduct. And while some individuals may be punished reasonably and justly for their alleged actions, others may be forced to suffer heavy sanctions for conduct that may not match their punishments. In other instances, individuals are forced to face penalties for actions they didn’t commit.

This can be true when it comes to medical professionals who can lose their licenses for engaging in allegedly illegal activity. Different medical professionals, from doctors and nurses to EMTs and others, can have their licenses pulled and their practicing rights revoked if they are convicted of crimes. Therefore, not only can a person be punished for breaking the law, but they may also have their livelihood pulled away from them by the board that grants them the right to be licensed.

The law firm of Hark and Hark does not believe that good people should have to give up their careers for making bad decisions or for engaging in punishable activities. While it is not always possible to protect one’s license to practice or work in their chosen medical field, strong criminal defense strategies can help some stay active in their professions despite their alleged criminal involvement.

As the New Year approaches, the attorneys of Hark and Hark hope that the readers of their blog have safe and secure holidays. They are available, though, to support and guide new clients who may be charged with crimes as December comes to an end. The defense of one’s professional license is an important step to keeping a person in their job. The firm of Hark and Hark stands ready to fight to protect individuals’ professional licenses as well as their freedom and reputation.