Multiple medical professionals sentenced on federal charges

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Doctors take an oath to do no harm in the execution of their professional duties. This can mean that they engage in different courses of treatment based upon the specific needs and wishes of their patients. Because they are licensed and bound to certain standards of conduct due to their important positions of trust, doctors can be severely penalized if they engage in activities that impact their reputations, characters, and fitness to do their jobs.

Not long ago several medical professionals in the United States were sentenced for their alleged involvement in what some refer to as a “pill mill.” The doctors and nurses were accused of creating illegitimate prescriptions, committing healthcare fraud, and engaging in other federal crimes. While some of the medical professionals were given probation for their involvement in the alleged infractions, at least one was sentenced to serve time in jail for his alleged crimes.

Federal criminal charges are serious for any person to face. Medical professionals know by virtue of their work that criminal charges of any kind may threaten their licenses and their options to practice. The individuals involved in this story may be prohibited from returning to their fields of employment when they are finished serving their criminal sentences.

Federal crimes, drug charges, DUI allegations, and many other forms of illegal conduct can serve as bars to individuals securing professional medical licenses or maintaining those licenses. For those who work in the medical field, it can therefore be a significant step to find legal help to defend them against the charges levied against them. Criminal defense attorneys who focus on professional license clients have the knowledge need to protect their rights as fully as possible.