Pharmacist licenses suspended for many reasons

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The Pennsylvania Department of State regulates licensed professionals and provides reports on the types of discipline that those individuals receive from their specific licensing boards. As in other jurisdictions and states, pharmacists are required to hold professional licenses to practice and must renew their licenses periodically in order to stay current in their jobs. A variety of actions may cause them to have their licenses suspended. As a result, their options to work in their chosen field may be curtailed.

A review of a recent report from the Department of State identifies some of the reasons that pharmacists lose their licenses to suspension. For example, in one situation the licensing board found that a pharmacist allegedly engaged in grossly unprofessional conduct in the performance of his duties. In another, a pharmacist had their license suspended due to a mental illness or defect.

A third pharmacist had their license suspended because they allegedly had their license suspended in another jurisdiction or state. A fourth pharmacist had their right to work under their professional license suspended because they allegedly forged prescriptions to avail themselves to controlled substances for their personal use.

While some grounds for suspensions may not arise to the level of crimes, others, like those alleged against the fourth pharmacist discussed above, may very well result in criminal charges and convictions. When allegations of wrongdoing, mistake, and criminal activity threaten the professional license of a medical professional or pharmacist, help can be found in the form of defense attorneys. The field of professional license defense law is specific and complex, and for this reason individuals facing suspensions and criminal charges should seek out those with particular knowledge about their legal situations.