DUI defense for licensed professionals

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A DUI arrest can be a big problem for a licensed professional in Pennsylvania. Not only can their arrest threaten certain rights and privileges that they enjoy under the laws of the state, but it can also threaten their capacity to retain their license to do their job. Defending a DUI charge can cost more than money: if it is not successfully done, it can cost a person their career.

Certain criminal offenses and charges must be reported to licensing boards in Pennsylvania and can cause individuals’ practicing rights to come under review. A DUI charge may force a person to not only appear in court to challenge their legal charges but also to defend their right to retain their medical license, nursing credentials, or other professional qualifications. Working through the defense of a DUI and the preservation of one’s license can take time and legal knowledge that not all licensed professionals possess.

In situations where one’s professional career is at stake, it is imperative that they take whatever action is necessary to manage the damage that their pending DUI charges may cause in their life. One way that this can be accomplished is by contacting and retaining attorneys who recognize the significant impact that criminal charges can have on the professional lives of licensed individuals.

The law firm of Hark and Hark has helped many men and women defend themselves against claims of various criminal conduct, including drunk driving charges. Their legal services do not stop at the courtroom door, as the attorneys of the firm work with individuals to help them protect their rights to work in their chosen fields of employment. The firm maintains a website that offers readers more information about the important services Hark and Hark provides to its clients.