Fighting against fraud allegations after billing errors

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

A previous post on this blog talked about how doctors and other medical professionals in Pennsylvania can easily find themselves at the center of a federal fraud investigation. After all, as this post mentioned, authorities can look at careless billing practices or even honest mistakes as evidence of a scheme to game the healthcare system.

Should a doctor learn that she is the target of a fraud or investigation, she should take prompt steps to defend herself. After all, the criminal penalties for these offenses can be severe and include substantial prison time, not to mention hefty fines and restitution orders that can leave a doctor in financial straits.

Moreover, these types of accusations can also mean the loss of one’s right to practice medicine, leaving a doctor with no means to provide for himself, much less pay off fines, fees and restitution. Even if a doctor should be able to keep his license, he may have a very difficult time finding any health plan willing to work with him once he has been credibly accused of improper billing.

Our law office understands what it is at stake for doctors who are facing criminal allegations related to fraud or billing errors. Like our clients, we recognize that even one case with a bad result could be enough to derail even the most promising of medical careers.

We are able to represent doctors from all over the Philadelphia area, including those in the New Jersey suburbs, who are facing the potential loss of their license or other career-killing consequences. We will help doctors and other professionals evaluate their options and, as necessary, conduct a careful investigation of the facts and circumstances. If it is our client’s wish, we are fully prepared to take a fraud case to trial or hearing.