Former university doctor arrested for sex crimes

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Criminal Defense, Firm News |

A doctor, who for many years held a prominent position in a major medical university’s gynecology department, has been arrested in connection with allegations that he had engaged in unlawful sexual conduct with 16 women in their late teens and twenties.

The alleged incidents happened over a number of years and apparently happened within the context of medical examinations. If convicted on all charges currently pending, the doctor could wind up in prison for 53 years, which will effectively be a life term.

As police actually spoke with several hundred women in connection with their investigation, more charges are likely to be filed. Through his attorneys, the doctor denied the charges and indicated that he looked forward for the opportunity to be cleared of the charges.

In connection with these charges, the doctor has had his license to practice medicine suspended on an interim basis. However, his state’s medical board has yet to permanently revoke his license. This pending criminal case is taking place in another state outside of Pennsylvania. However, the issues it raises are things about which doctors in this state should be aware.

The practice of medicine is a highly sensitive, private profession, and the danger there is that doctors can easily find themselves accused of sexual misconduct.

Moreover, as seems to be the case here, there is a fine line between a legitimate medical exam and inappropriate sexual touching. Perhaps the worst nightmare a Pennsylvania doctor can face is being accused of sexual misconduct when in fact he or she was only trying to do his or her job. Of course, such an accusation can also mean jail and the loss of one’s ability to practice medicine.

A doctor accused in criminal court of any sort of sexual impropriety should strongly consider speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney.