How can online videos affect your medical license?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Professional License Issues |

As a medical professional, the Pennsylvania Medical Board wants to make sure that you practice medicine professionally. If the state board feels like you don’t, they may suspend or revoke your license to practice medicine. And as a case in Philadelphia shows, they are not afraid to use your online videos against you.

A Philadelphia doctor lost his license this year after a psychiatrist used videos the doctor uploaded to YouTube to find that the doctor had a drug problem. The board used the psychiatrist’s recommendations to revoke the doctor’s license.

Doctor’s YouTube videos discussed illicit substances

The doctor who lost his license uploaded several videos to YouTube that talked about medical marijuana. The videos often showcased his affinity for the substance. In his own practice, the doctor sold recommendations for the drug, which are like prescriptions, to his patients for $200 apiece.

The medical board used these videos as reason to revoke the doctor’s license. The doctor’s public endorsement of a federally illegal drug was enough to cause him to lose his license.

Think of your license when you upload videos

Uploading videos on YouTube or similar social media sites has become more and more common. Doctors may use online videos as a way to connect with patients or market their services. But these videos can put doctors under scrutiny by local medical boards.

Your license is extremely important to your job. If you choose to upload videos on public sites, make sure to be aware of who might see it. If the video has content that could be seen as illegal or in poor practice for a medical professional, you may want to rethink uploading it for public eyes.