How can pharmacists lose their license?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Professional License Issues |

Pennsylvania pharmacists face strict regulations and rules. Boards of directors set stringent guidelines that they must adhere to. Many pharmacists spend a lot of time and money earning their license as well. It is not common for pharmacists to lose their license, but it does happen. Here are some of the most common reasons for license loss.

First, they may not track controlled substances well. These substances are often abused on the black market. It is important for pharmacists to keep a careful eye on the flow of these drugs. If there is a shortage of these substances after audits, it could cost a pharmacist their license. Poor record keeping has resulted in suspension before. So has employees taking drugs off the books for personal use.

The pharmacist could be engaging in fraud. Cheating customers out of money or defrauding insurance is a quick way to lose your license. You must also continue your education credits to continue meeting industry standards. If you fall behind, you can lose your license.

Incompetence and poor decisions in the workplace also result in license loss. For example, never let employees do work they are not licensed for. Do not leak patient’s personal information. Do not give out incorrect medications or dosages. Mistakes happen, but if you are always messing up, you will face consequences.

Finally, having a felony conviction of any sort results in the immediate loss of your license. This can include driving under the influence, forgery, assault or perjury.

Do you want to read more about the ways pharmacists risk losing their license? You can follow the link here if so. It will take you to our web page of professional license defense. You can learn more there about the situations that can lead to license loss. By knowing what can cause these things to happen, professionals also know what risks to avoid.