Dear Client,

I hope this email finds you safe, well, and working.  The covid-19 virus is creating widespread and appropriate panic throughout the healthcare world. It is wreaking havoc in the economy, our communities, and in the legal world.  All local district justices, county, and appellate courts are indefinitely closed.

There are going to be delays for clients currently subject to 1) a health care board investigation, 2) a mental and physical evaluation, 3) a pending hearing, or 4) a final decision from a health care related licensing board. Board prosecutors are working from home at least through April 1. All pending hearings through April 15, 2020 are being canceled.  State Board investigators are working from home.

If you have a criminal case pending, criminal cases are cancelled except emergency bail motions.  Every hearing will get rescheduled.  Check the criminal dockets at .

Interestingly, today I received an executed petition for a mental and physical evaluation.  It was dated March 20, 2020 and electronically signed by members of the nursing board. This informs me that the boards are informally meeting, engaging in their work, reviewing and signing electronic filings, and probably will begin conducting more hearing via zoom or skype. MPE’s scheduled before then are being cancelled.

Importantly, clients are still receiving emails from PHMP and PNAP/PHP/SARPH caseworkers. This informs me that all healthcare professionals who may have initially chosen to participate in the PHMP process are still being monitored and supervised. I am sure record track and the other drug testing protocols are still in place.

In this emergent healthcare crisis, you are working harder, longer, under more extreme circumstances than ever before. All health care professionals are extremely lucky to be gainfully and fully employed during this national emergency. Please keep working, be safe, but remain compliant with my investigation and pre-litigation protocols.

It is only with our nation’s health care professionals’ help and care that the country will get through this crisis. All pending investigations will continue slowly, but will resume in earnest when the virus abates. I will remain available via telephone, text 215-808-5056, and email. Please contact me for any reason.