PHMP — Covid-19 Emergency RecoveryTrek Procedures

by | Apr 18, 2020 | Firm News |

Dear Participant,

The purpose of this message is to inform you that PHMP is providing you with an alternative to undergoing sample collections at RecoveryTrek-approved collection sites in response to issues arising due to the COVID-19 epidemic. During the time period Pennsylvania remains under the stay at home order, PHMP will permit participants the option of submitting to RecoveryTrek’s home saliva drug testing, known as PROOF.

PROOF testing is the world’s first integrated technology solution for observed drug and alcohol testing. The smart phone app guides a participant through the collection process and audio/video records every step for complete and customized Chain of Custody. Please see the attached flyer for an overview of PROOF. The PROOF mobile app is free to download to your Apple iPhone or Android phone.

PROOF is sold in quantities of 3 (3 PROOF Packs is essentially everything you’ll need for the next 3 test selections). Your first PROOF Package will arrive with 3 sealed PROOF packs. Each PROOF pack is $68, totaling $204 (a flat rate shipping fee of $15.95 also applies to each package of 3).
When you place your order, you will be billed 50% of the PROOF Packages, $102, and the $15.95 shipping fee. Your credit card on file will be charged as it has been in the past for your urine drug tests.

When you are selected to test, you will use the PROOF mobile app and one of your sealed PROOF Packs to conduct the test collection. Once you complete your first test the remaining 50% of that test will be billed, $34 (50% of $68). After you have used 2 of your 3 PROOF Packs you will need to place another order to ensure you have supplies for your following selections. Failure to reorder in time to receive PROOF supplies will not be a valid reason for being excused from testing.

If you wish to undergo at-home saliva testing, you must immediately contact RecoveryTrek to request PROOF and pay all fees. The deadline for arranging PROOF is Monday 4/20/20 at 11:00 AM EST. PROOF orders will begin to be shipped to you Monday afternoon if you sign up by the deadline.

You are required to continue to provide specimen collections at approved sites until PROOF testing kits are received.

Failure to comply with PROOF testing and/or standard collection methods will be deemed a violation of PHMP drug testing requirements resulting in appropriate action being pursued.

Please note that RecoveryTrek hosts a daily webinar at 12pm EST to demonstrate and educate you on how the PROOF mobile application and PROOF Packs are used to conduct at-home testing and collections. PHMP highly recommends that you attend at least one webinar as you will not be excused from testing for failure to follow instructions from the PROOF app when you are selected to test.

Please forward all questions regarding PROOF to your RecoveryTrek Success Manager, Danielle. If contacting RecoveryTrek for enrollment in PROOF over the weekend, please also copy the GreatSupport team.