Responding to patient criticism with confidence and poise

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Professional License Issues |

Criticism, especially when its content is a direct threat to a medical professional’s licensure, may create anxiety and frustration, to say the least. Health care professionals facing potentially damaging claims from patients in Pennsylvania may benefit from understanding how to effectively respond to criticism.

When professionals are able to maintain confidence, poise and civility in responding to negative feedback, they may more successfully support their claim without compromising their integrity or credibility.

Addressing online attacks

In a world where virtual communication is growing at an exponential rate, people may feel they can get away with saying or claiming more exaggerated things without facing the consequences of their actions. As such, online reviews are extra emotionally charged at times and may leave professionals unsure of how to address criticism that is clearly biased or false altogether.

According to AMA, responding to bad reviews does not have to be a public matter. Professionals may choose to address a disgruntled patient’s claims offline and in a more private manner and try to maintain the perspective that if mitigated carefully, bad reviews alone, do not have ample power to upend their career. if health care professionals do want to respond online, they may utilize their protocols and policies to explain their position to keep their content respectful and informative. Under no circumstances should medical professionals ever divulge sensitive patient information, respond hastily and irrationally, or just completely ignore criticism.

Saving a tarnished reputation

A damaged reputation will undoubtedly take time to rebuild, but Entrepreneur recommends that people identify what they can control and capitalize on those areas. They should do their best within their realm of control to reestablish trust, repair damaged relationships and demonstrate their ongoing effort to improve and learn from their mistakes.