What are the top reasons pharmacists risk license suspension?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Professional License Issues |

As a pharmacist, you spend years working to get to the point you are at. With intense schooling and a difficult workplace, it makes sense that you want to hold on to your license at all costs.

Unfortunately, some things can put your license in jeopardy. If you do the following things, you risk license suspension. In some cases, you may risk revocation of your license entirely.

Take HIPAA seriously

First, HIPAA violations can result in the loss of license. This means any breach in your patient’s confidentiality. You can even face HIPAA violation convictions for not safeguarding your patient records.

Next, you must keep up with your education credits. Like many other jobs in the field of medicine, pharmacists must keep up with constant schooling. This allows you to stay on the edge of all the newest information. If you do not keep up with these requirements, you cannot keep your license.

Monitor controlled substances

You must always keep a close eye on controlled substances. Accountability audits can happen with little or no warning. If you do not keep a good record, it may look like there is a shortage in controlled substances. A member of staff may also steal or sell these drugs. This can get you into trouble too, so keep a close eye on your employees.

Speaking of, never let someone do a job they are not qualified to do. This means not letting pharmacy techs do your job as a pharmacist. This can also lose you your license entirely.

If your license is at risk, you may want to consider contacting a legal expert. They can help you decide how to move forward.