Conducting yourself with dignity during a board investigation

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Professional License Issues |

Receiving notification that you are under investigation in Pennsylvania can be disheartening, to say the least. Even if the allegations lack credibility, speculation about your conduct can taint your public image and hurt your credibility.

Understanding how to conduct yourself during this critical time can help you avoid further damage to your career. You can show the board who you really are when you continue to respond to their inquiries with respect and dignity.

Have a game plan

Part of being an informed professional means you spend time preparing for different scenarios you may encounter. For example, an investigation into your conduct and a review of your license stands in the way of your career. How will you respond? How will you continue to work during the investigation? What information will you share? Answers to these questions can help you create a game plan so you can respond to inquiries about your license with confidence, poise, professionalism and respect.

The best time to address this type of situation is before it ever happens. However, if the board notifies you of an impending investigation, you still have time to develop a plan. Working with an attorney can help you make sure you have not missed any critical details in your proposed response.

Do not overshare

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to overshare the details of your situation. According to the Zur Institute, showing too much eagerness to share information can inadvertently incriminate yourself. Clinical records, professional notes and audit information should remain confidential unless asked for by the board. Even then, have a plan for how you will disseminate sensitive data.

Practice awareness when you choose to talk with the people around you about your situation. Keep details of the circumstances private. Even if you trust your family, friends, coworkers and patients, staying private can help you to maintain a superior level of conduct during this unprecedented time.