What are the top reasons for nursing license loss?

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As a nurse who poured all of your time, effort, attention and money into gaining your license, you want to protect it at all costs. This means understanding all of the ways in which you could end up with a suspended or even revoked license.

What are the top causes for the loss of a nursing license? Understanding the biggest risks can help you understand what pitfalls and mistakes to avoid.

Drug addiction and selling

Scrubs Mag takes a look at some of the most common ways for you to lose your nursing license. The first note is that your state board makes the final decision on all matters regarding license suspension or revocation. Thus, you want to familiarize yourself with local laws and procedures first.

Some of the biggest reasons revolve around drugs. Unfortunately, drug addiction happens among nurses at times. This can devolve into medication theft in the form of drug diversion. Some even sell drugs to other people. Not only will this result in a revocation of your license, but it can involve other criminal penalties such as time in jail.

Professionalism and criminal records

Professionalism is also crucial. Unprofessional conduct is a huge reason for loss of license. The causes range from using inappropriate language around patience to having an affair with a senior staff member.

Many reasons for license loss tie to other crimes, too. You can lose your license for violating probation or past convictions of mail fraud. You can also face penalties if you try to get a job on a suspended license through providing false copies of the license or identity theft.

It may feel like a lot to keep track of. Still, it is best to err on the side of caution when dealing with the possibility of license suspension or loss. Consider contacting legal help to learn more.