3 times your real estate license is at risk in Pennsylvania

| Sep 13, 2021 | Professional License Issues |

If you want a successful career facilitating the sale of real estate, you have to have a license. The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission establishes standards for real estate professionals and provides oversight for the industry. 

Sometimes, individuals applying for a new license or renewing an old one will face unexpected challenges. Complaints against professionals who already have their licenses and other issues could potentially prevent someone from obtaining or renewing a Pennsylvania real estate license. 

What kind of issues might affect your licensing rights?

A conviction for a criminal offense

There is a long list of specific criminal convictions that affect your ability to secure or maintain a real estate license. A conviction for rape, burglary, theft by extortion, forgery, felony bad checks, insurance fraud, taking brides, perjury, murder, arson or aggravated assault, among many others, could result in you failing the background check and not receiving your license.

Complaints from former clients

You probably do everything in your power to properly advise people about the complex process of buying or selling real estate. Still, things can go wrong, and people wind up disappointed with the transaction. If a former client has brought a complaint against you, especially if they allege some kind of misconduct, then that could affect your ability to renew your license.

Evidence that you have violated real estate rules

There are numerous special laws that apply to real estate transactions. Allegations that you violated certain rules could have a strong negative impact on your career. For example, a buyer who claims that you, as the seller’s agent, helped that seller hide a known defect with the property could impact your reputation and your licensing. 

Learning more about the issues that could affect your license and how to respond to them can help you protect your income and your career.