4 common reasons physicians lose their medical license

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Physicians go to work with the desire to take care of their patients and provide them with adequate medical care. But issues with licensing can get in their way of maintaining their ability to practice medicine.

The Association of American Medical Colleges states that as of 2019 in the U.S., there were 938,966 practicing medical physicians. Of these medical physicians, many will face the suspension of their license due to alleged professional misconduct.

1. Convictions

Physicians who undergo the prosecution process for a crime may not have their medical license automatically revoked. But licensing revocation could be more likely if the conviction relates to a violation of licensing regulation.

2. Medical violations

Physicians who abuse their power to provide and prescribe medications could face the revocation of their medical licenses. Besides prescriptions, doctors who violate other basic components of their licensing requirements could face suspension or revocation.

3. Patient abuse

Patients expect that their physicians will provide proper medical care. But in many cases, physicians may unintentionally provide inadequate care to their patients.

4. Substance abuse

One common reason physicians risk the loss of their medical license is because of substance abuse. This may not result in an automatic license suspension if the physician receives treatment for this issue.

The loss of a medical license can also result in the loss of an established career and reputation. Physicians facing suspension or revocation of their medical license should diligently fight to maintain their license and prevent the consequences of losing their license.