Could your divorce jeopardize your nursing license?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Professional License Issues |

Your marriage lasted quite a few years, during most of which you were miserable. You finally filed for divorce against your spouse. You were hopeful that ending this unfortunate chapter in your life would lead to new possibilities, including finding work as an RN elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

So, you were utterly floored to learn that an anonymous complaint had been lodged against you with the state licensing board. You stand accused of frequent intoxication and illegal drug abuse. You know you are innocent and suspect these allegations were made by your future ex-spouse.

What should you do?

Admit to nothing and seek guidance

While you are probably right about the source of the complaint, it will do you no good whatsoever to engage in an exchange of information with any regulatory or disciplinary agencies. While they will assure you that your cooperation will put the matter to rest, that is completely untrue.

Anonymous complaints are given credence where none is due. It’s absurd that an anonymous complaint in the middle of an acrimonious divorce or relationship break-up could derail your successful career. Yet it happens all too frequently. The falsely generated complaint is sufficient to set investigators off on a fishing expedition into your life. They want you to talk to them and share your side of the story, they’ll say. But do that at your own peril.

What you say can and will be used against you

Offhand remarks to comments investigators make, as well as admissions to any prior drug use or drunkenness, can be used to build a case that you are a habitual substance abuser. Admit nothing and agree to no interviews without the presence of your legal advisers to best protect your future and your license to practice.