Does Hulu’s “Dopesick” portray real consequences for medical professionals?

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Many fans of the limited series “Dopesick” on Hulu wonder just how realistic the portrayal of the characters was. Specifically, Dr. Finnix, portrayed by Michael Keaton, a small-town physician in Appalachia who experiences first-hand the horrors of opioid addiction both in his own life and the lives of the patients he treats.

Were the consequences he faces for his role in fomenting addiction in patients accurate? As it turns out, Dr. Finnix got more opportunities for redemption than many of his real-life counterparts ever do.

Medical professionals face severe repercussions for over-prescribing opioids

There are many ways that doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners can get themselves into trouble when it comes to over-prescribing narcotics to their patients. Sometimes, the medical professional is aware that their actions harm their patients when they get a little loose with the pen and prescription pad. They, like the fictional Dr. Finnix, may be over-prescribing meds to feed their own addictions.

For others, their greatest mistake may be their own naivete. Addicted patients can be quite cunning and crafty when seeking opioid drugs to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Here is where an innocent physician can be fooled into prescribing opioid drugs where there is no real need. When that happens, there are still very serious consequences to face.

You could lose your license to practice medicine

Regardless of the circumstances that led to your present distress, you must remain proactive about your defense to any allegations you face. When you consider the time, effort and expense involved in obtaining your license in the first place, it is definitely worth defending your reputation and right to earn a living,