How crimes of moral turpitude could affect a professional license

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There is no one way of defining crimes of moral turpitude. Crimes involving offensive acts that are vile and depraved, that go against societal norms and the duty owed to others and are shocking to a reasonable person may come close to a definition. 

Generally speaking, crimes of moral turpitude question a person’s ethics, morals, judgment and character.

If you are found guilty of such crimes, you may lose more than your freedom. Your livelihood, too, might be on the line, given that you are staring at a possible license suspension. The stakes are never higher, and you ought to take your defense very seriously.

Examples of such crimes

Certain offenses are considered crimes of moral turpitude in Pennsylvania., and a guilty verdict or a plea deal may jeopardize your professional license. They include specific drug crimes, kidnapping, aggravated assault and indecent exposure. The list is almost endless and covers an extensive list of offenses.

A conviction for these and other offenses may prevent you from doing your job for a considerable period of time, sometimes several years after your conviction. Starting over another career from scratch may be your only option.

Protecting your interests

A solid legal defense team in your corner could save you a lot of trouble if you are facing any criminal charges that may put your professional license at risk. Remember, the specific sanctions will only apply if you are found guilty of your charges.

Therefore, it is advisable to reach out for qualified representation when planning your defense. You will be better placed to protect yourself from the adverse effects a conviction may have on your career with a proper understanding of the justice system and how to best safeguard your interests.