Can you lose your nursing license over medical marijuana?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | Professional License Issues |

As with many other states, Pennsylvania has legalized medical marijuana. It shows terrific benefits in treating certain conditions and can be used by those with a valid medical marijuana card, making it similar to getting a prescription for opioids or any other type of medication. Recreational marijuana is not yet legal, although some major cities within the state have decriminalized it.

In any case, if a doctor or a nurse has to use medical marijuana to treat a condition they have, are they putting their career in jeopardy? Would they run the risk of losing their license by utilizing this new treatment option?

Working under the influence

This is a very tricky area because it is technically legal for medical professionals to also get medical marijuana cards. They’re allowed to use these medication‘s, just as they would be allowed to use oxycodone or something of that nature.

However, they do have to be very aware of the risks that can exist in their job if they are using the substance. They also have to know that they are never allowed to work while they are under the influence. This is not strictly defined as a certain amount of marijuana within someone’s blood, the way that police check for blood alcohol concentration. But if it is shown that the person was under the influence, they can cause a risk to patients and they may lose their license for breaking these rules.

What can you do?

If you’re facing these types of accusations, your career hangs in the balance. Be sure you know about all the steps you can take.