Can a domestic violence charge affect your medical license?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Professional License Issues |

Receiving a medical license as a doctor, nurse or pharmacist is exciting. Fulfilling the requirements set by the State Board of Medicine is not a walk in the park. Thus, after getting a license, it can be stressful to lose it. But some mistakes, such as being charged with domestic violence, can lead to you to this.

Here is how a domestic violence charge can affect your medical license.

It can constitute immoral conduct

The board is strict about moral conduct. Medical providers practicing in the state should observe high levels of professional conduct. The board has a vast list of things that constitute immoral conduct, and one of them is an act that affects the health and welfare of citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

When you are charged with domestic violence, the board may deem it as an act that violates the professional conduct code. Accordingly, they may call you for a hearing.

Why does the board pay attention?

Physicians should maintain public trust since they work with patients who need to trust them. Thus, when you are associated with domestic violence, this may be viewed as a concern for public safety and, in turn, the board will want to get more information about the case.

Medical students looking for a license are required to disclose any domestic violence charge against them. The board may choose to investigate the case further before granting one.

Facing domestic charges could jeopardize your career. You’ll need to learn more about your legal options to protect your medical license.