Can you be denied a medical license due to a conviction?

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The Pennsylvania Department of State has strict measures that licensing boards including the State Board of Medicine, must observe.

This guide discusses three types of criminal convictions that might lead to the medical board denying your application for a medical license.

1. Sexual offenses

The department prohibits the board from granting a license to an individual convicted of any sexual offense.

2. Crimes of violence

The board may refuse to grant an applicant a license if they have a violent crime conviction. However, there may be exceptions, including:

  • If they were incarcerated, at least three years should have elapsed from when they were released
  • If they are serving another sentence other than imprisonment, three years should have elapsed since the imposition of the sentence
  • They have not been convicted of any crime during the applicable 3-year period
  • They demonstrate significant rehabilitation after the conviction
  • The board determines the individual does not risk the health and safety of patients, clients and the public

Examples of crimes in this category are robbery and aggravated assault

3. Drug trafficking offenses

If an individual was convicted of a drug trafficking offense, the board may only grant them licenses if:

  • At least 10 years have elapsed from the date of conviction
  • They demonstrate significant progress in personal rehabilitation
  • The board determines licensing them doesn’t pose a substantial risk to the health and safety of patients, clients and the public
  • The applicant satisfies the board’s qualities for the license

A violation of the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act may fall under this category.

If you are accused of one of these things, you need to learn more about how to protect your career.