Facing a medical license investigation in Pennsylvania

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If you are a physician, your medical license is one of your most valuable assets. After all, what better represents years of dedicated training and signifies the trust patients place in your knowledge?

For this reason, few things are more disheartening than receiving news of a potential investigation by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine (PA Board). However, it’s important to remember that an investigation doesn’t automatically lead to license revocation.

Why is your license under investigation?

If your medical license is under investigation, it’s probably because the PA board received a complaint against you. Remember, complaints can originate from past or current patients, fellow physicians or an insurance company.

The nature of the allegations should help you determine how serious the situation might be. However, even for what might seem like a minor hiccup in your medical career, you should consider approaching this situation with a trusted legal representative by your side.

Your legal representative can enlighten you on the PA Board’s disciplinary process and its escalating consequences. They can help:

  • Facilitate the dismissal of the complaint
  • Minimize license restrictions
  • Prevent license revocation

They can use early intervention and a strategic approach to help ensure the most favorable outcome.

Maintain a high standard of care

Suppose you continue to practice even during the investigation; try to ensure you maintain a high standard of care. This is especially crucial now that your medical license is under scrutiny. After all, the last thing you want is another complaint from a patient when you’re already on the hot seat.

Cooperate with the investigation within reason

While it’s essential to defend yourself, cooperation with the investigation is also crucial. Demonstrating a willingness to comply with the board’s requests can work in your favor. However, this does not mean admitting guilt or providing information without careful consideration.

You are better off consulting your legal representative before submitting any documentation or making statements. They can advise you on what information to provide and how to answer questions in a way that helps protect your interests.

Facing a medical license investigation is undoubtedly challenging. However, you can work to protect your license from revocation by taking proactive steps and seeking timely legal guidance. Remember, the PA Board prioritizes public safety but also recognizes due process rights. It’s time to exercise yours.