One Of Life’s Passions — Cycling

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2018 | Firm News, Medical Nursing |

Life’s passions provide balance and guidance in managing both work, family, and personal challenges. One of my life’s passions is cycling. A Tour de France competitor I am not. Waking up early and enjoying a sunrise on a distant road in fog or cold weather does make me happy. On a recent trip to Boston for my son’s soccer tournament I was able to do just this.

From South Boston, Scituate and Duxbury I was able to see and experience tranquil oceanfront neighborhoods. I have a daughter entering Boston University as a freshman. One day I had the benefit of riding the Charles River Trail from Newton down to the Massachusettes Avenue bridge and passing the Esplanade that was being prepared for July 4 concert.

On a different trip, I had the benefit if riding my bike on the Front Range is South Denver, near Colorado Springs.

That trip was highlighted with a drive through Garden of the Gods National Park