Doctor accused of running pill mill convicted of federal crimes

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Many who enter the medical profession wish to ease the pain and suffering of the people that they treat. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists may take special care to ensure that the individuals that they treat are provided with the best possible care so that they have good prognoses and chances for recovery. Pennsylvania residents benefit from this measured approach to care and the dedicated focus of their medical practitioners.

However, as in all professions, medical care providers can become ensnared in enterprises that can expose them to criminal and civil liability. Not long ago a doctor’s alleged actions brought him into the national spotlight. According to authorities, the doctor allegedly provided patients with prescription drugs that they did not need for his own alleged financial benefit.

Federal authorities began an investigation into the doctor several years ago and filed federal charges against him. He and a partner were both charged and convicted of federal drug crimes and were convicted based on the evidence presented. Their punishments have not yet been determined through sentencing.

It is fairly certain, though, that this doctor will face the potential loss of his license to practice as this matter continues to move forward. Should he appeal the matter he may still be limited in his ability to practice medicine and to work in the field into which he spent years of education and training.

Federal criminal charges can put a doctor’s medical license to practice into jeopardy. When criminal charges are alleged against a medical professional it is important that they take proactive steps to protect their ability to work in their chosen field. The counsel of a committed defense attorney can guide them through the protection of their license and the defense of their charges.