What are the penalties for falsification?

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Hospitals rely on nurses to tell the truth. When someone lies, it can put others at danger and this is particularly true in the nursing industry. Pennsylvania nurses have to be careful not to falsify records. What happens when you still face falsification charges? No matter if you made a mistake or if you did nothing at all, it is crucial that you understand the basics behind falsification penalties.

Nurse.com suggests that when a nurse falsifies information, it can be devastating. This is why the state board and the court system takes it very seriously. Accusations of falsification include:

  • Inaccurate medication and treatment records
  • Negative outcome cover-ups
  • Education and experience falsification

The state boards consider falsifying information to hold a lot of serious weight. It is deceptive and misleading, not to mention it can lead to distrust between staff. Accusations of falsifying information can lead to a license revocation. If a state board determines that a nurse meant to deceive or harm the public through false information in connection with the nurse’s occupation then that nurse may face severe consequences. This can be worse if a nurse violates state and federal laws that regulate controlled substances.

If a nurse’s falsification results in a felony conviction related to controlled substances or misdemeanor convictions related to healthcare fraud, then that person may not work in Medicare or Medicaid facilities anymore. Not only can falsification end up destroying your career but also it can result in a jail sentence.

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