What are the things that may lead to your license getting withdrawn or suspended in Pennsylvania?

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The licensing boards in Pennsylvania revoke or suspend a licensee’s license for any possible reason that they may find. Often, they withdraw or suspend based on the violation of the moral turpitude as per the provisions of the administrative regulations and laws. This provision addresses all the conducts that go contrary to honesty. When you admit to any crime that is associated with dishonesty, you are guilty of moral turpitude. Thus, any of the Commonwealth licensing boards in Pennsylvania have the powers to suspend or revoke your license. 

What is the basis of your suspension? According to Derrick V. from Department of State, the legal basis of your suspension gets provided by section 16(3) of the Act. Similarly, the physical acts and conducts between a patient and a doctor are unlimited according to the moral turpitude clause. Likewise, when you secure improper insurance payments, you can put your license and your medical practice in jeopardy. 

In a particular case, a doctor asserted that his practicing license should not get revoked. It was as a result of his misconduct which he stated that it was not patient-doctor related, therefore, not related to his profession’s practice. However, the court ruled that the fault related to his job as he obtained the improper payments by exploiting his professional position. 

What can you do when visiting Pennsylvania and you have a licence that has no restriction? You can obtain a temporary permit when you are a doctor whose license has no limits when you get to Pennsylvania. The acquired license will empower you to teach surgery and medicine. Additionally, you may participate in any medical procedure that is necessary for a specified patient who is within Pennsylvania to improve their well-being. 

Seek legal advice on such matters as this information is only for informative purposes.